"You’re not a brother to him, brothers don’t give up."


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I will light a  f i r e


Enzo went back to fight Stefan because Caroline was crying. If you still don’t like him you are wrong.

Shit that is now Cannon


  • Elena falling for Damon in season 1 &2 
  • Elena being in love with Damon since season 3
  • Elena was interested in Damon when the first met
  • Elena has been attracted to Damon since season 2
  • Elena wanted to kiss Damon so bad when they were at the hotel
  • Elena acknowledging Damon can be selfless
  • The only way Elena will ever stop loving Damon is if she is compelled to forget him.


A friendly reminder that Elena was actually drooling over Damon, and wanted to be on top of him in 3x3.



When he gave her the necklace on her birthday, she loved him.

When he risked his life in danger and she wanted to give up all plans, she loved him

When they were searching for Stefan, she loved him

When she didn’t want him to be what other people thought he was(a…



Enzo getting shit done because the only other two people that ever do are dead